Earthbag Building Workshop
March 24 - April 2
Baja Sur, Mexico

So that people will receive a complete learning experience from start to finish; we will have several structures in various stages of the building process. Participants will have the opportunity to jump in at any stage that they choose. Of course in week one, we will cover each step moving systematically from preparing the site, the mixing of materials for the bags, filling, placing and compacting and “hanging” of the earth bags. Earthen plasters from rough first coat to a polished and highly detailed finished coat. This will be an intimate and highly focused workshop where structural integrity and strength will be stressed. We will also focus on completion details and aesthetic elements. This workshop is geared towards the more advanced builder. However we will accommodate those who have less experience.

See earthbagdomehome.com for more information.

Superadobe Earth Dome Workshop
March 26 - April 2
Paterno Calabro, Calabria, Italy

The Cal-Earth Institute (Californian Institute of Earth Architecture) in collaboration with Vide Terra organizes a SuperAdobe workshop in Italy. This 8 days intensive course teaches how to apply the SuperAdobe/earthbag technique for a dome construction. During the workshop will be built a 2.5m (internal diameter) earth dome with a door opening and a window. The purpose of the course is to give the theoretical and practical tools useful to design and build a small earth structure or living space.

The workshop will be divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

- Earth architecture and the importance of building with earth
- The SuperAdobe technique
- The principle of the arch and of the dome
- Designing a dome
- Practical techniques to analyse earth composition
- Introduction to waterproofing
- Designing more complex structures and living spaces based on the Eco-Dome concept.

- Hands on construction of a complete 2,5m earth dome (foundation and structure)
- Creation of openings for doors, windows and ventilation
- Introduction to plastering

For more information see www.facebook.com or contact davideATvideterra.org

Earthbag Root Cellar Workshop
April 21 - 22
Asheville, NC

Root cellars were once a ubiquitous method of food storage and preservation but their construction is becoming a lost art form as most people have switched to energy-hungry electrical refrigeration. Sustainable Life School is excited to be offering a hands-on earthbag root cellar workshop, hosted by Bottom Leaf Intentional Community. T he same basic construction techniques we will be sharing can also be used to build anything from storm/survival shelters to cisterns.​

See sustainablelifeschool.com for more information.

Earthbag Dome Workshop
3-9 May
East Sussex UK

(some call it Superadobe, except we keep our earthbag technology as natural as possible, built using mostly earth and a pegging system with no barbed wire..! cement and barbed wire used ONLY where absolutely necessary.)

The workshop will be lead by Earth Hands and Houses founder Paulina Wojciechowska, a qualified architect who has over 19 years of experience building with earthbags in communities all around the world. Paulina worked alongside Nader Khalili at Cal-Earth in 1996 and is the author of “Building with Earth”, one of the leading earthbag construction books. The workshop is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience of all stages of constructing a 2 metre interior diameter earthbag dome with an arched entrance, in a beautiful location in E.Sussex, and will include:

  • Theory of earthbag stucture foundations.
  • Building an earthbag dome.
  • Creating earthbag walls using both single bags and earthbag tubes.
  • Different techniques using arches and lintels to construct doorways and windows within the earthbag structure.
  • Ensuring the structure is stable through the correct use of buttressing and corbelling based upon the nature of the earth used to fill the bags.
  • Recognizing the clay found on our land and understanding how to use it for building.
  • Preparation and application of the first coat of clay plaster onto an earthbag dome.

See earthhandsandhouses.org for more information.


earthhandsandhouses.org run earthbag workshops around the world, based on real building projects.

earthenhand.com conducts workshops that involve earthbag building, mostly in the Northwestern US.

earthhandsandhouses.org has workshops in Europe.

calearth.org Nader Khalili's earthbag works.

phanganearthworks.com offers workshops in Thailand.

naturalhomes.org lists workshops from around the world that relate to earthbags.

guidingstarcreations.blogspot.com offer a veriety of earthbag workshops mostly in Australia and Bali.

earthbaghouse.com has general information, work/trade opportunities, workshops, etc.

permastructure.com.au conducts earthbag workshops ion Australia.

AuwaEarth.com offers a variety of earthbag and earth construction workshops in Australia and Brazil.

ulewatitlan.com provides workshops on earthbag building and accomodations at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Espiritu y Lluvia : Centro de Permacultura y Bioconstrucción Aplicada. (Spirit and Rain: Permaculture and Bio-building Centre) located in Argentina conducts earthbabg workshops throughout South America.

tsatsa-house.com has conducted workshops in India and Japan.

unitedearthbuilders.com a pioneer in earthbag technology.


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