Plastering Sloping Earthbags
Questions answered by Kelly Hart

Q: Do you have any suggestions as to what can be used to plaster the interior? As it is working against gravity, I am stumped as to what to use and how to keep it from falling off.

A: Adobe soil has been used, that is soil that is mostly sand but with 15-30% clay to bind it together. Regular cement stucco has also been used. We had the same situation with our domes, and I used polypropylene baling twine wrapped around the earthbags as I built the structure (circling 3 bags at a time) to give the interior plaster something positive to grab onto. Also I used a very light mix of pure papercrete (no sand added) on the initial coat. This I threw up on the wall by hand and let it splat and dry in place with a very rough texture. It is amazing that the stuff would actually adhere to horizontal surfaces and dry in place. Once it has dried, more can be added to fill in all of the voids and make as smooth a wall as desired.


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